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Composting at Brunswick Garden

Brunswick Community Garden is proud to offer a comprehensive composting program for its members. Members have 24/7 access to drop off their food scraps whenever most convenient for them.


We accept fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grinds, as well as seasonal items like pumpkins and corn stalks.


Collected material is mixed, formed into a pile and managed by the Brunswick Compost Team throughout the decomposition process.

After 3 - 6 months the pile is screened and the resulting compost is made available for use in the garden.


Creating this rich, organic material closes the circle on food recycling, removing organic matter from the waste stream, to be used locally for the benefit of the community.


Composting harnesses the natural process of decomposition by utilizing microorganisms that are already present in the environment.


At Brunswick, we leverage an aerobic form of composting, were microbes consume oxygen as they undergo their biological processes, breaking down the organic matter. The compost team manages the levels of moisture, oxygen and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio to keep the compost pile in balance. By creating optimal conditions for the microbes to flourish, we are able to turn food waste into healthy soil.


Become a member this season and help us curb greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our solid waste, and start rebuilding the soil in Jersey City.

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