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Our resident Bee Keeper is  Mufti Ahmed, a Hamilton Park resident and a happy honey bee beekeeper. 


2018 is the first year his hives have been living in the Brunswick Community Garden, a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Mufti started everything from scratch while consulting with a professional beekeeper along the way. 


The honey bees seem to bee happy creating fresh honeycomb, foraging and pollinating.  Each hive contains a colony of bees which consists of one queen, workers and drones.  Beekeeping in this urban environment requires dedicated special attention to ensure the honey bees have adequate resources and space to grow their colony.     


Mufti's interests are expanding to learning more about the sustainable impact of honey bees, blossom fields, pollination, education, research, honey bee conservation and much more. 


"So far it's been an interesting journey and I'm looking forward to continuing this adventure for many years to come". 

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Educate yourself about what type of bees are kept at BCG in addition to beekeeping.   Here's a link to read about  Apis mellifera , the western honey bee species:


General Beekeeping:  This is a link about building a hive, bee diseases, getting started, etc.

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