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The colony of nine or more Cats at the space pre dates the garden itself.   

There are currently seven remaining cats.

 The colony cats are

Midnight, Oreo, Little P, KitKat, Mini P, China Girl and Spice.


For many years,

aside from a local woman who used to feed them by pushing food under the gate,

they were primarily ignored.


Adam Ginsburg and his wife Daniella began looking after them around 2007. 

In addition to their daily feedings they also take care of their medical needs.


This program is to help raise funds

to pay for the food and medical needs for the garden colony

 which run around $1200 per year.  


All the cats are part of the local TNR program. 

TNR is TrapNeuterRelease - 

a program where feral cats are trapped

then either spayed or neutered, given a rabies shot

and ear tipped

which is a universal symbol to indicate they have been TNRd. 


Under No Circumstance should anybody​ donate or dump a cat in the garden.

This is an intact bonded colony and it needs to remain so.

Participation Levels

$25   - Purr level 

   $50 - Meow level 

   $100 - Roar level 


All Supporters will receive ...

- an invite to help feed the cats

- quarterly updates and videos from the Care Takers about the state of the Colony

- The new "Midnight" Good Morning Coffee Mug !



Spice spends his time sunning himself on top of the shelters

and having fun with all his roommates. 

Little P

Little P is Mini-p’s sister.

She is frisky and loves to bop around the garden and rest in her shelter.


Mini P

Like her sister, Mini is full of personality and loves to run around the garden. 

She likes to try  to boss the other kitties around!


Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a sweetheart.

She’s friends with everyone and loves to greet her caregivers when they come to feed. 



Oreo is best friends with his brother midnight. Oreo loves to roll around and get dirty.

He likes to patrol the garden to keep an eye out for his colony mates.



Midnight is Oreos brother. He’s very independent.

He hangs out with his buddies and also likes to spend time alone.

He’s original and unique.

China Girl

China Girl was rescued from a hole in a home foundation.

The neighbor had tried to cover the  hole with gravel.

This gorgeous kitty is now a very welcome member of the Brunswick colony.

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